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A Hiro & Nathan Friendship Community
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This a community for both Hiro Nakamura and Nathan Petrelli from the TV show Heroes. The idea of this community is to give folks who are fans of both Hiro and Nathan a place to squee, share fic, share icons, share babble, and so on. Please note that that this community is both gen and slash friendly. Hiro&Nathan and Hiro/Nathan are equally welcome here!

So, what's on topic?: As adorable as Hiro and Nathan are together, lets face it, they don't have too many scenes together. So I'm going to define on topic content pretty liberally. If your post is about either Hiro or Nathan, it's on topic. If it's about both of them at the same time, bonus points! If it's about one of the two of them but also other people, that's on topic, too.

Spoiler Policy: Please place all discussion of an episode or an upcoming episode behind a cut tag.

Fic Posting Policy: Please place the body of all fic (including drabbles) behind an lj-cut. Outside of the lj-cut, all fic should have a header which includes (at a minimum):

Genre: (Gen or Slash)
Pairing: (For the sake of ninth_wonders requirements for fic to be linked.)

Icon/Image Posting Policy: Please place posts of more than three icons or images wider than 300 pixels behind an lj-cut.

Can I pimp my new community/webpage/etc. here? Please ask for permission of the mod before pimping anything. You can contact me at my journal kerri_is_dead.

refuted for the layout bases of both profile and journal.
Sanami276 for the header textures.
crimsonquills for starting this awesome community.