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07 May 2007 @ 05:27 pm
Entertainment Weekly is posting interviews with the cast. Part 1 of their "Following the Helix" is -- you guessed it -- HIRO AND NATHAN. It's called "Opposites Attract"

To say the least, I squeed. Loudly.

The Video Link Here
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05 May 2007 @ 10:48 pm
So, I downloaded caps for Five Years Gone by dj43 @ dj_capslock so that I could make myself a Future!Hiro icon... and then I made a whole bunch more. There are lots of (both) Hiro(s), and several of Nathan, too.

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The rest are here.
01 May 2007 @ 02:45 pm
Just a little something I made that I wanted to share with you guys.  Please comment if taking and enjoy! :)

30 April 2007 @ 08:11 pm
I made a large birthday picspam for our lovely flying Congressman over at vote_petrelli, and I thought I'd link you all there! Be sure to check the comments for more love! ♥


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13 April 2007 @ 04:00 am
Hello I like to introduce myself. I just got into Heroes after a friend of mine let me borrow episodes 1-14. I’ve become a big fan and totally love Nathan now. I bring goodies of fan art I drew of him flying. I hope you all enjoy and I hope to more stuff soon. ^_^ Also Hiro and Nathan are too cute together. *squee*

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11 April 2007 @ 09:20 am
*waves to the community* I've been away at a convention, or I wouldn't have let last week go by without a random poll to keep us all amused here at hiro_nathan while we wait for Heroes to return from hiatus (or for someone else to have an attack of meta or something and post to the community *hopeful*).

Anyway, this poll is Hiro-focused. If there's still no activity a week from now, I'll do a similar one for Nathan. :-)

So, the Hiro we see on screen today is a sweet, idealistic, somewhat innocent guy. He's often been called childlike. But we've seen indications (future!Hiro, Hiro's comment to Nathan that the more people you try to help, the more people get hurt, etc.) that the storylines of Heroes may cause him to develop along darker lines. So here's a poll on what you want to happen, and what you think is likely to actually happen. Pure speculation, no spoilers.

Poll #964438 Hiro's character progression

How do you want Hiro's character to develop?

I want him to stay pretty much as he is.
I want him to keep faith in his ideals, but become more pragmatic and physically (i.e., fighting) capable.
I want to see him torn between what he believes is good and right and the things he must do to make those things happen.
I want to see him go dark side.
Other. (Please comment.)

How do you think Hiro actually will develop in canon?

He'll stay pretty much as he is.
He'll keep faith in his ideals, but become more pragmatic and physically (i.e., fighting) capable.
He'll be torn between what he believes is good and right and the things he must do to make those things happen.
He'll go dark side.
Other. (Please comment.)

Feel free to pimp the poll on other communities, if you think other folks will be interested.

Comments and discussion encouraged. :-)
Well folks, I warned you, if there wasn't activity on the community I'd post another random poll. *grins* This one was actually prompted partially by some ponderings I've had recently and by a discussion in the comments to the previous poll.

Set up for the poll questions

This is a hypothetical situation. It does not contain any spoilers for future episodes, just my own pondering.

Imagine: It is an indeterminite period of time in the future. Hiro has developed into a version of himself much like the future!Hiro we saw speak to Peter on the subway: More serious, probably more able to take care of himself in a physical/fighting sense, with less of the brightness and almost innocence that we see in current!Hiro. Meanwhile, future!Nathan is a much more powerful man (probably in the White House, per Linderman's outline of his future in "Parasite") and has probably developed a few more correspondingly dark shadows.

The Poll

Assuming that they continue to interact occasionally...

Poll #957281 Hypothetical Situations: Future!Hiro and Future!Nathan

Will their interaction be friendly and positive (like we've seen to date) or will they develop a more confrontational relationship?

Friendly and positive.
Other -- please comment.

If you answered "Friendly and positive," why?

Hiro will have developed an even greater understanding of the sacrifices one must make to protect people and the hard decisions power forces someone (e.g., Nathan) to make.
Nathan will have a strong need for allies, and Hiro is a natural choice.
What few prior encounters they had previously (i.e., to date) will predispose them to friendliness.
Some combination of the above.
Other -- please comment.
I answered "Confrontational".

If you answered "Confrontational," why?

Nathan will have become darker and Hiro will have become more committed to saving the world -- their idealogies will have diverged too much.
They will each have committed strongly to the course they feel best serves the world and will be frustrated that the other doesn't support the same course.
Other -- please comment.
I answered "Friendly and positive".

For counting purposes:

I am taking this poll.
22 March 2007 @ 12:13 pm
We have had no posts in more than a week. This makes me unhappy, so I take steps to correct the situation. Beware, future lack of activity may lead to more random polls! *grins*

Poll #951816 Favorite Scene

Which Hiro & Nathan scene is your favorite?

The one from 1x05 "Hiros"
The one from 1x12 "Godsend"
The one from 1x18 "Parasite"

Everyone is encouraged to comment to explain what it is about their favorite that inspires the love more than the others. Discuss! Discuss! :-)
06 March 2007 @ 11:39 am
I'm not sure how Heroes manages to get better and better with every episode, but OMG, was there some great Nathan stuff and some great Hiro stuff in this one. I'm a happy camper. *g*

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03 March 2007 @ 08:04 pm
TITLE: Inverted Loops
AUTHOR: Nix (keparker AT shaw DOT ca)
CHARACTER(S): Nathan Petrelli
SPOILERS: Ep 1x16 "Unexpected"
SUMMARY: After Simone's visit to his office, Nathan can't stop thinking and temptation wins, just this once.
DISCLAIMER: Not mine. Not making money.
NOTE #1: Not betaed, mostly because I'm impatient, but partly also because this is just a short one.
NOTE #2: We know that Nathan was Navy, but not what position he served in. The Navy does have fighter pilots and (among other reasons) I loved the idea of Nathan having been a fighter pilot, so I made him one. I may post an essay on how I got from there to him flying an F-14 Tomcat, but no guarantees.

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