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21 August 2007 @ 11:41 pm
Black Coffee (15) Nathan/Hiro Slashfic  

I finally did it! Yes, I'm sure it will come as no suprise whatsoever, to anyone that knows me, that I've have written toilet sex... Well, it had to happen really... This is probably (maybe definitely) my favourite pairing in the Heroes fandom... Hiro is so adorable, he just makes you want to pinch his chubby ickle cheeks *squee* where Nathan, well, hotness barely even covers it quite frankly... And when I saw that scene where they met in the diner, I fell in love with the two of them together so much... Best pairing ever! Lol...

Black Coffee
Author: colacancol
Genre: Slash
Rating: (15)
Pairing: Nathan/Hiro
Summary: If you were sat eating breakfast, and you saw a man flying outside, you might be spooked - if you saw somebody has hot as Nathan, especially shirtless, then you might have other things on your mind... Hiro is evidently thinking of both when he meets him at the Fly By Night cafe...
Spoilers: 1x05 Hiros
Warnings: Features sexual situations

( 'So beautiful,' he smiled at him, admiring his physique. 'I think you have the wrong word there,' Nathan laughed nervously, a part of him hoping that he had. His language skills were poor, but still even he knew when he was being checked out by someone. And as a good-looking man running for congress, it certainly wasn't the first time a member of the same sex had done that. Or the first time he'd taken them up. )  

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